About us

Muge is a musical platform enabling users to share music via a competitive manner. Each user tries to recommend a song for the other one based on the other one's profile and history of listenings. The goal is to recommend a song that your competitor does not know, but would like.

If we get any kind of funding, it is going to be used to get more people on the track to get this idea working.

My name is Jakub Hančin, I am a Slovak student studying computer science in Brno at Masaryk University.

The idea of Muge occured to me while I was in high school bus going through my music library. I have already listened to everything I liked multiple times and wanted to discover new music. My taste for music however was so specific, that I got tired of automatical recommendations on various web pages and wanted a personal advice from a living person like me who would say : "Listen to this, this is a great song for you!".

I have thought for long how I would do something to make this possible. First thought was to create a community called SoundShare. People would just connect each others speakers to other one's device in a public transportation. This idea was however really not practical, so I thought about wireless Bluetooth communication, but this manner is not scalable.

Finally, when LTE and fast mobile internet connection became available, my problem was solved. That is the point where Muge continues.

Technical details responsible
for making this happen

To make this whole idea real, several technologies are going to be used.

Server backend

All the user accounts and songs are going to be stored at a dedicated server.

Elastic search

The mapping of the guessed songs is going to be done thanks to the help of ElasticSearch.

LTE or Wifi network

Due to the fact, that streaming music is quite challenging for classic cellular internet, the LTE or Wifi connection is an essential element to make Muge possible.

Frontend Android application

For Android users, an application is needed to be developped.

Frontend iOS application

The same goes for iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Frontend web browser application

We cannot forget people with classic Windows or Linux desktops or laptops.


The Team

The people who are currently working on Muge (all still university Students)

Jakub Hančin

Founder & Developer

A musical lover studying IT science who had this idea.

Ľubomír Gocník


Currently working at takeplace.eu, a funny guy from Žiar nad Hronom

Kristína Miklášová


A focused student interested in neuron networks and artificial intelligence.



Would you like to contribute? Feel free to contact us.

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